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Gold Home Package

The Gold Home Package is available to clients who are having their credit repaired by MetroFund Financial.* With this package, as long as you obtain a mortgage loan from one of our trusted lenders, you will pay minimal credit repair fees! We have a special arrangement with our lenders where they will pay for most of your credit repair service if you obtain your home loan through them.
What’s the catch? There is none! As mentioned before, since we work directly with the lender, there is no broker to which fees must be paid, allowing them the flexibilty to pay your fees, instead.
Be sure to inquire about this package if you are looking to purchase a home after having your credit repaired!
*Approval for the Gold Home Package is subject to client’s qualification of preferred lender requirements. Client will pay for services as usual, but will receive a refund check after closing of home loan. Refund amount varies on several factors, including, but not limited to: total credit repair fees paid and home loan amount.