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Standard Monthly Plan

This is our premier plan and the most popular among clients. Our Standard Monthly Plan is just as it sounds: we work on your file and you “pay as you go”.*
With the Standard Monthly Plan, we will work on your credit profile until it is completely restored. The longer you stay on the plan, the more your credit profile will improve! You get to be in control of how long we work on your file.
This is a great and affordable way to improve your credit, so that when the time comes, you will qualify for that car loan, that credit card offer, or whatever else you are relying on your great credit score to help you obtain!
*When you sign up for the Standard Monthly Plan, your credit card will be automatically charged each month. The charges will recur until your credit profile is fully repaired or until you and your MetroFund Financial consultant determine that your profile is at an optimum level. You may also end the agreement at any time.