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Total Repair Plan
If you are looking to have your credit profile fully repaired at one quoted price, this is the plan for you!
With the Total Repair Plan, MetroFund Financial will go over your credit report, check off every item we will repair and give you a single price quote. You pay this one price and we will work on your file–for as long as it takes–to clean up all the indicated items.
Clients who sign up for this plan can expect to have their credit fully repaired within 4 to 12 months, on average.*ǂ
*4 to 12 months is for the average client. Your consultant will be able to provide more information after viewing your personal credit profile.
ǂWe offer “Rush” upgrades on the Total Repair Plan for clients who need their credit repaired as soon as possible, at an additional fee. Not all clients will be eligible for this upgrade, however. Please inquire with our consultant to see if you are eligible.