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Score Increase Plan
For clients who are simply looking to have their credit score increased, so that they can quality for a specific loan, such as a home loan, or for any other need, we offer the Score Increase Plan.
With this plan, you will discuss with your MetroFund Financial consultant about your score requirements. After your consultant determines that this score can be reasonable achieved with your current credit profile, we will immediately begin work to obtain that score.*ǂ
*MetroFund Financial will determine which accounts will make the most impact on raising your score and will focus on repairing these accounts first. Additionally, if your score requirement also includes the repairing of specific accounts, MetroFund Financial will repair these, as well.
ǂWe offer “Rush” upgrades on the Score Increase Plan for clients who need to achieve their indicated score as soon as possible, at an additional fee. Not all clients will be eligible for this upgrade, however. Please inquire with our consultant to see if you are eligible.